Vote for the Dinner Party

In this blog Michael Pollan, a well respected and acclaimed writer (writer of four New York Times bestsellers) shares his views on proposition 37. Proposition 37 would have required genetically altered food to carry a label allowing consumers to better select foods that haven’t been tampered with at the genetic and chemical level. Pollan’s stance is that supply and demand has made it so that corporations that proved food at the industrial level have to engineer their products to be ready faster at the expense of the natural process.

This article was written before proposition 37 was rejected so it was an article that was angled with the hope that the proposition would pass. I have to agree with not only Pollan but anyone and everyone who voted for propsition 37 to pass. We as a human race are of the natural world and it my belief that our food should be of that same realm. Tampering with foods is not natural and i believe as a consumer i have the right to know where my food came from.

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One thought on “Vote for the Dinner Party

  1. scbo1838

    I enjoyed this article and it’s relevance to the political issue. I also agree that we should be able to know what we put into our bodies as consumers and that companies should not have to sacrifice health and the process of producing quality food for money and time.


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