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The Right to Know


In Elizabeth Weise’s article in USA Today, Weise writes about the ongoing battle in Washington state over the labeling of genetically modified foods and, more specifically, initiative 522. Initiative 522 would allow consumers to discern which foods are genetically modified and which products have been genetically engineered. This article is not a discussion of whether or not genetically modified foods are good or bad, rather it is about the consumer’s right to know what the product they are buying really is. Naturally the main obstruction is how much it would cost to label all of these products.

I feel that people have the right to know what is going into their body, as such i feel it is perfectly reasonable that initiative 522 be passed. I am somewhat of a health freak myself and I like to be informed. While it would be costly to label the foods that are genetically modified foods, the chemicals and enhancements given to these “natural” foods can be harmful to humans. Isn’t that reason enough?

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