reggiebush ad


Ad critique


Ads in pop culture today are extremely advanced, with the new computer editing soft wares updating exponentially every year it seems like anything is possible. Recently I came upon a “got milk” ad that featured reggie bush in prime celebratory pose. Clutched in his ridiculously enormous biceps is the trademark helmet of the New Orleans Saints, in the other, he clutches an ordinary glass of milk. The purpose of the ad is to get the youth to consume more milk for the plethora of nutritious   benefits. I feel that the use of someone so athletically gifted, like Reggie Bush, puts someone like Bush on a pedestal at a height that is almost impossible to achieve.

The first thing I noticed after a glance at the ad I noticed the pose that Bush has assumed: the stance of victorious Super Bowl champion. The second thing I noticed was the tiny glass of milk Bush is holding…“Ordinary” milk. The writing on the ad states talks about how Bush and the Saints won the Super Bowl and that he used milk to refuel after the game. I highly doubt Bush drank milk after the Super Bowl and saying he did could give children the wrong impression of the milk itself and their own abilities. By using an athlete like Reggie Bush the likelihood of a kid comparing himself to Bush is much more likely.

Today, pop culture is everywhere. From the internet, to TV commercials, to social media, we are constantly engulfed in ads that bias us and sway our thinking. It is important not to let technology alter our independent thinking.


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