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Major Food Corporatons, The White House is Watching

lets move


In this post (“White House Convening on Food Marketing Towards Children”) Marion Nestle, a well respected columnist who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle¬†discusses her opinion on the practice of large corporations marketing tactics towards children and how it is unethical to take such an approach. Nestle includes an excerpt from a speech that Michelle Obama gave as a part of her “Let’s Move” initiative, a program developed to help fight childhood obesity. In the excerpt provided by Nestle the First Lady admits that a variety of companies have increased awareness and are doing their part to ensure that marketing that targets children is ethical and more importantly doesn’t advertise foods that are detrimental to our youth’s health. Nestle shares Obama’s views and also adds that she believes this “holds the possibility of opening the door to further discussion”.

I have to agree with both Nestle and the First Lady. If we cannot promote and advertise foods that are beneficial to our youth how can we hope to have a healthy future, literally and figuratively. While i can understand that a large corporation makes decisions based on an economic standpoint I believe that marketing to children just to cut a profit is wrong. For our future’s sake we need more people like Nestle spreading the word.

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